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We help organizations develop and deliver online training that products measurable changes in knowledge, attitudes, skills, and performance.

This is not pre-recorded, self-paced training that lacks opportunities for collaboration and immediate access to an instructor, and which requires a high level of self-motivation to complete.

We create live, instructor-led training that is delivered in a
Virtual Classroom.

This platform enables attendees to interact with each other
and their instructor as they seek to understand and apply
the meaning, value, and use of the concepts, principles,
and skills being taught.

We will…

Develop your online training on any topic … and provide you with an Instructor’s Guide, PowerPoint slides, and Participant Workbook.  (Learn more)

Equip your instructors to effectively deliver live online training using a Virtual Classroom.
Learn more)

Provide a Virtual Classroom for your website … or create your own eLearning Center.
(Learn more)

Train managers and other key individuals how to coach others to improve performance.  (Learn more)

Online Training That Lasts