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Courses and Coaching that will give you break-through performance and accelerated professional growth.

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Coaching Services

How You Will Benefit From Being Coached ...

  •  “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.  It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” – Timothy Gallwey

   •  “Coaching simply speeds up a process of change that would most likely occur anyway if an individual had enough time. Without a coaching program that forces a client to focus and make time, people sometimes miss the real issues they need to focus on.” – The Ivy Business Journal

   •  “A coach can play any number of roles – mentor, consultant, motivator, but one thing she or he is not is a therapist. Coaching deals with the “how”:  how you can move on from where you are and make change. It’s action-oriented, and concerned with the present and future, not the past.” – Shape Magazine

Individualized Coaching

Our Professional Development Coaching includes...

Investment:  $400 US per month, with an initial 3 month minimum.

Is Our Professional Development Coaching
Cost Effective?

The truth is, your return on investment from being coached can be significant.  Consider the cost associated with not setting and achieving important business and professional development goals as effectively as you could.

   •  In addition to lost revenue, there’s the lost opportunity cost of not having done today that which could have contributed to building your business in the weeks and months to come.

When you contract with consultants for services, they do it for you.  When you hire us as your coach, we help you set goals, develop an action plan, and learn how to do it yourself.

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